William Winters is a mechanical engineer living in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Thank for for providing Registax and AutoStakkert via wineskin for the Mac users! While I’m able to import AVI files into AutoStakkert, I always get the message “File cannot be loaded” in Registax. Do these files need to reside in a specific folder?

    With thanks,

    David Fielder

    1. David,

      I’ve been loading video files and registering/aligning frames in AutoStakkert, saving that resulting image, loading that image file into Registax, and then applying wavelets. I’m not loading too many videos directly into Registax, because I’ve gotten better alignment results in AutoStakkert. I’ve always had to transcode video files before loading them into Registax, even natively in windows. My most recent method for using videos directly in Registax has been to use the video transcoding in OSX in the contextual menu accessed by right clicking the file, transcoding the video into the largest uncompressed .mov file option, using ffmpeg in the terminal to turn the video file into a folder of images, and finally load the images into Registax.

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