Stellarvue Raptor 90T-25SV | CGEM DX
SSAG | Nebulosity | PHD
Canon 60Da | 6x60sec | ISO800
Redding, CA | 15FEB2013


Celestron C11-A XLT | CGEM DX
ST80 | SSAG | Nebulosity | PHD
Canon 60Da | 5x480sec | ISO800
Buxton, Oregon | 06OCT2012


Celestron C11-A XLT | CGEM DX
Canon 60Da | 6x90sec | ISO800
Buxton, Oregon | 03AUG2012

Coronado – Canon Nosepiece


I made a nosepiece to mate my Canon 60Da to my Coronado Hα solar telescope. The lens and it’s mounting hardware were repurposed from a Meade #126 Barlow. With the nosepiece inserted into the Coronado, the first surface of the lens sits inside the barrel at a depth of 26.5mm. The nosepiece has a flange that spaces the Zhummel Canon EOS ring 2mm away from the end of the Coronado barrel. The nosepiece was machined from an existing 1.25″ t-ring nosepiece. The modifications were made to create the desired focal lengths between optical elements and to allow for the press fit of the Meade lens. The result creates a large image of the solar disk that fits on the sensor.